transform lifelines

Important information

Here is how to use your SMSF points throughout the remainder of the challenge.

Lifeline 1 – Phone a ‘friend’ (5 x 30-minute sessions available at 15000 points each) If you need a few hints and tips to navigate your way through Transform or develop a strategy to win, or implement you can phone a friend – Sam. Sam is like Janet from The Good Place (who holds all the knowledge in the universe about this challenge and future challenges and cannot lie) so she will answer any question you throw at her.

Lifeline 2 – 
‘Skip this challenge’ you can pass on any challenge which says ‘eligible for lifelines’ at a cost of 1000 points. This means you can slide through the challenge without doing the exercise but still receive 75 per cent of the points that would have been allocated. 

Lifeline 3 – I demand a recount/third umpire/I stuffed up – 1000 points – max of 3 per person. Let’s say you forget to check-in, or you would like your challenge answer to be changed or reconsidered then use this lifeline. One item to be investigated per Lifeline. Think of it like the DRS in cricket. The ultimate decision may or may not go your way, but you’ll have to be cool with that… 

Lifeline 4 – Extension – you can get an extension on the date due of any challenge at a cost of 500 points per day so long as you are not going beyond March 3. Must be requested within 3 days of the challenge being due.

Lifeline 5 –Android/NZ lifeline – Anyone who is unable to see the Homely Challenges as directed right through to the end because you have an Android phone or because you’re outside Australia you will be offered a free lifeline for these challenges and receive the maximum points.

Lifeline 6 – Points Audit – An audit of your points for Checkin’s and Webinar attendance for 5000 points. This will give you a full view of your points that you’ve been awarded and where they came from. This will NOT tell you why someone else has a different score than you. If any discrepancies are identified they will be treated the following ways. If this is an error on our part, these will be corrected. If you feel you missed a check-in activity, you can use your #2 lifeline to correct it. As with #2, this audit can go either way.

You can top up your SMSF with real leaderboard points… just make sure it makes ‘commercial sense’ to do so. Also… No refunds